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Pariguayo o Pariguaya


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Se dice que viene del ingles “Party watcher” o “Observador de la fiesta” para referirse a una persona que no tiene ritmo o habilidades sociales, una persona inocente, miedoso y torpe. 

It’s said to have derived from the English “Party watcher” to refer to a person with no rhythm or social skills, an innocent, fearful or clumsy person. 

Sinónimos (Synonyms): Ingenuo, Nerd (Naive, Nerd) 

Ejemplos (Examples):

  • No seas pariguayo, sácala a bailar.
    Don’t be a pussy ask her to dance.
  • Que pariguaya tu eres, le creíste.
    You’re so naive, you believed him.
  • Se dejó engañar el pariguayo ese.
    He was fooled; that nerd.

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