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Dominican Spanish 101 Podcast: Season 2

Learn authentic Spanish as it’s spoken in the Dominican Republic. This podcast gives you conversational Spanish lessons so you can talk to native Spanish speakers from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana.

Join your hosts Tamara Marie and Kesia Sosa as we make it easy to understand one of the most challenging Caribbean Spanish dialects.

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Do you want show notes, word lists, and full transcripts for all episodes from season 2?

Click here to access show notes from season 2 of the Dominican Spanish 101 podcast.

Episode 1: Celebrando el día de la independencia

Learn all about how Dominicans celebrate Independence Day and carnival in February.  Kesia also shares insight on the history between Haiti and the Dominican Republic and the complicated relationship between the 2 countries.

Episode 2: Describing People in the Dominican Republic Pt. 2

In this episode, we talk about words used to describe people in the Dominican Republic.  Kesia shares how to describe that nosy neighbor that’s always in everyone’s business, someone who is a little older and doesn’t know how to act their age, and more.

Episode 3: Regions and Accents in the Dominican Republic

Kesia shares the 3 main regions of the Dominican Republic and what you can find in each area of the country.  We also talk about the different accents that are characteristic of each region.

Episode 4: The 5 Best Beaches in the Dominican Republic

In this episode, Kesia shares how to find the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic.  Discover these hidden gems outside of Punta Cana that are virtually unknown to the typical tourist.  Grab your pen and pad and take note of these playas hermosas for your next trip to the DR.

Episode 5: Words Used in Relationships

In this episode, Kesia shares 5 words and phrases used to describe people in relationships.