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Dominican Spanish 101: Learn Authentic Spanish as it’s Spoken in the Dominican Republic



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*All vocabulary on this site includes audio and examples in context.

Dominican Spanish 101 Course

Dominican Spanish 101 Course

Learn authentic Dominican Spanish with the Dominican Spanish 101 Audio Course and learn from engaging dialogues with Dominican Spanish speakers.  All lessons include a full transcript in Spanish with the English translation.  You’ll also get a list of Dominican words and slang for each dialog, PLUS a slowed down audio version each conversation so you can catch everything that’s being said. (Dominicans speak fast!).

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Learn Conversational Dominican Spanish with Kesia

Kesia is a Spanish teacher from the Dominican Republic ????????. She has more than 10 years of experience teaching different levels of Spanish, English, and American Sign Language (ASL). She’s a certified teacher and likes to make learning a fun experience.  Improve your Spanish conversational skills in one-on-one lessons with a qualified Spanish teacher that will help you sound natural when you speak Spanish.

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“My lesson with Kesia was great. I felt very comfortable with her and she helped me a lot with my Spanish. I definitely give her a 10 and will continue to schedule lessons with her so I can practice my Spanish conversations.” – Kayla

“My lesson went really well, Kesia was very encouraging. I improved my Spanish, building up my vocabulary.” – Valentine

“The lesson went excellent for me and Kesia was very very patient, on a scale from 1 to 10 I rate it a 9. She was very prepared and very knowledgeable. I have to take my hat off to her patience and encouragement for a beginner as myself. I feel the session went very very well with excellent recommendations concerning pronunciation and stressing of words.” – Gregory

“I thoroughly enjoyed my lesson with Kesia. She was prepared and patient as I stumbled through. She has a bubbly personality and it made it less intimidating.  I give Kesia a 10+. It definitely makes me want to keep practicing.” – Miyoshi

“I loved my time with Kesia. I learned a lot and she was very kind and I learned new words. I appreciated the time we had. It was great!” – Niki


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