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Alguien que siempre busca obtener las cosas grátis o fáciles; persona que evita ser quien corra con los gastos.


Someone that loves and constantly seeks freebies or to take things from others; someone that asks someone to share something they don’t really feel like sharing; freeloader.

Sinónimos (Synonyms): Aprovechado; parásito ( (Freeloader; parasite; opportunist) ).

Ejemplos (Examples):

  • Sheila es bien cachetera y siempre aparece cuando sabe que estamos cocinando.
    Sheila is a total freeloader and always shows up whenever she knows we’re cooking.
  • Nadie lo quiere invitar a fiestas porque es bien cachetero y va a comer y a beber sin aportar nada.
    Nobody invites him to parties anymore because he’s a freeloader that shows up to eat and drink and never contributes with anything.
  • Se pasó de cachetera anoche y ni siquiera se ofreció a pagar por el postre.
    She went overboard with her freeloading last night and didn’t even offer to pay for dessert.