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Dominican Spanish 101 Podcast – Free Trial

Show notes from season 1, episode 1

Learn authentic Spanish as it’s spoken in the Dominican Republic. This podcast gives you conversational Spanish lessons so you can talk to native Spanish speakers from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana.

Join your hosts Tamara Marie and Kesia Sosa as we make it easy to understand one of the most challenging Caribbean Spanish dialects.

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Episode 1: Greetings

In this episode, Tamara & Kesia explain the following Dominican Spanish greetings and common responses:

  • ¿Cómo tú ‘ta? – How are you?
  • tranquilo (masculine) / tranquila (feminine) – Everything’s good, I’m relaxed
  • tranqui – Short for tranquilo or tranquila
  • ‘tamo’ cloro We’re doing good (Literal: We are bleach)
  • chévere Cool
  • qué lo que (klk) What’s up?
  • dime  tell me [what’s new] 
  • dime a ver / dímelo – tell me what’s going on
  • cuéntame /cuéntamelo  what’s new?
  • saludos – greetings, hello (when addressing a group)