Episode 9: Hanging Out with Friends

Kesia shares common words you’ll hear when hanging out with friends in the DR, including 3 different ways to party.  Listen to find out how to ask someone to go out for drinks or to watch a baseball game.

Vocabulario del episodio (Vocabulary from the Episode)

ver pelota – to watch a baseball game (mirar un partido de béisbol; literal: to watch ball)

Los Equipos de Béisbol de la República Dominicana (Dominican Baseball Teams)

  • Las Águilas Cibaeñas – The Cibao Eagles baseball team from the northern region of the country
  • Los Tigres de Licey – The Licey Tigers baseball team from the capital
  • Los Leones del Escogido – The Escogido Lions baseball team that has won 16 national championships
  • Los Toros del Este – The Bulls from the East baseball team from La Romana
  • Las Estrellas Orientales – The Eastern Stars baseball team from the eastern region

ir a tomar – to go out for a drink (literal: to go to drink)

ven a tomar / ven a beber – come by for a drink

bonche – a really nice party with music, entertainment, and drinks

chercha – a get together with close friends and family

coro – an intimate get together with your closest friends (literal: chorus)

colmado corner store

colmadón – a corner store with loud music and alcoholic drinks