Episode 7: Dominican Drinks Part I

Learn all about bebidas dominicanas (Dominican drinks) to accompany your Dominican cuisine.  Kesia tells us all about the most popular drinks from the Dominican Republic, and Tamara shares her favorite drink for a hot day on the beach.

Vocabulario del episodio (Vocabulary from the Episode)

mamajuana – alcoholic drink made from rum, red wine, honey, tree bark and spices

Presidente – #1 marca de cerveza en RD (#1 beer brand in DR)

una fria – (literal: a cold one) a cold beer

vestido de novia (literal: wedding dress) – ice cold beer

la verde – (literal: a green one) bottle of beer

una jumbo – large bottle of beer

ron rum

Brugal – marca de ron (brand of rum)

Bermudez – marca de ron (brand of rum)

Barcel√≥ – marca de ron (brand of rum)