Episode 5: Dominican Cuisine Part I

In this episode, Kesia tells us about typical breakfast, lunch, and snack foods in the Dominican Republic.   We also talk about the unique way Dominicans make rice and why you can never use a non-stick pan.

Vocabulario del episodio (Vocabulary from the Episode)

La bandera – typical Dominican dish, chicken stew with red beans & rice (literal: the flag)

Concón – crunchy layer of white rice from the bottom of the pan

Cazabe crunchy bread made from yuca

Mambá: thick, chunky peanut butter (mantequilla de maní)

Mofongo  fried and mashed green plantains with pig skin & garlic

Pilon – mortar and pestle

Camarones –  shrimp

Moca City in northern Dominican Republic with the best mofongo

Mangú – boiled and mashed plantains (breakfast or dinner food)

Los tres golpes – fried eggs, fried cheese, and fried salami with sauteed onions (literal: the 3 punches)

Queso de freir – frying cheese