Episode 4: Talking About Food

Kesia shares 4 expressions you can use at meal time in the Dominican Republic.  Learn how to say you’re stuffed when you’ve had more than enough to eat, and to express disgust when something looks less than appetizing.

Vocabulario del episodio (Vocabulary from the Episode)

jartura – to overeat; to eat until you have a stomachache (lleno/llena)

Estoy jarto / Estoy jarta

I’m stuffed (male) / I’m stuffed (female)

Comí chicharrón con yuca. ¡Qué jartura!

I ate pork rinds and yucca. I’m stuffed!

Me di una jartura anoche.

I ate too much last night.

Yo me jarté

I overate.

Guácala – yuck! that’s disgusting!

Quisquilloso picky eater


Mondongo tripe

Recao – coriander

Apio – celery

Ajo – garlic

Aguacate – avocado

Chicharrón – pork rinds, fried pork belly