Episode 10: Describing People

Learn words you’ll hear used to describe people in the Dominican Republic.  Kesia tells us all about how to describe greedy people, family members that overstay their welcome, someone who is all talk and no action, and more.

Vocabulario del episodio (Vocabulary from the Episode)

Agayú (M) / Agayúa (F) – greedy person

Allantoso (M) / Allantosa (F) – show off, not genuine

Arrima’o – freeloader

Baboso (M) / Babosa (F)  liar, someone who talks nonsense, someone who is all talk and no action

Bacano (M) / Bacana (F) – cool, awesome

Fulanito (M) / Fulanita (F) a person whose name you don’t know (so-and-so)