Basic Greetings

When you’re meeting people for the first time, it’s always useful to have a few solid Spanish phrases. 

Learning and practicing these phrases lays down a solid foundation for your Spanish and will build up your confidence along the way. 

 Read and listen to the correct pronunciation of these common greetings.

The speaker will then say “eschuche y repita” (listen and repeat). 

IMPORTANT: Repeat after the native speaker after listening a few times to practice your pronunciation and make the phrases sound natural.

Buenos días / Buen día / Feliz día 

Good morning

Buenas tardes / Feliz tarde

Good afternoon

Buenas noches / Feliz noche

Good evening / Good night

You may also hear these phrases when visiting someone’s home:



(Note: If you are talking to a female, you would say “bienvenida” and when talking to a male, you would say “bienvenido.” Speaking to a group of people, use “bienvenidos.”)

Siéntete como en casa

Make yourself at home

Mi casa es tu casa

My house is your house