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(Sustantivo – masculino)
Algo que se hace o se obtiene fácilmente.

(Noun – masculine)

Something that is done or obtained easily and without much effort; piece of cake.

Sinónimos (Synonyms): Fácil; tontería ( (Easy; simple; smooth) ).

Ejemplos (Examples):

  • Va a ser un guame ganarle a ese equipo; su mejor jugador está lesionado.
    Winning over that team is going to be very easy; their best player is injured.
  • Pensaba que el examen iba a ser difícil pero resultó ser tremendo guame.
    I thought that the test was going to be very difficult but it ended up being a piece of cake.
  • Llegar a tu casa desde la mía es un guame; ¡vives súper cerca!
    Getting to your place from mine is super easy; you live so close by!