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Cuban Spanish 101


Learn authentic Cuban Spanish with conversations

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Learn Cuban slang and idiomatic expressions you’re sure to hear from Miami to Havana

BONUS: Cuban Spanish Phrasebook and Bilingual Dictionary 

This e-book includes over 150 Cuban words, expressions, and slang — FREE with course enrollment!


Do you want to understand Cuban Spanish speakers?

You may have friends, coworkers, or extended family from Cuba, or maybe you’re planning a trip to the island.

Whether or not you already know some Spanish, Cubans have a unique way of speaking the language and you need to be prepared.

Their quick Caribbean accent, regional vocabulary, and colorful expressions are enough to confuse even native Spanish speakers!

Cuban Spanish 101 will give you insider access to the unique language and culture of the Cuban people

You get downloads of all audio (.mp3) and transcripts (.pdf) so you can learn anywhere!

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What You Get When You Sign Up


Audio recordings of engaging conversations between native Cuban Spanish speakers


Complete line-by-line transcript of each dialogue with English translation 


Slow-speed audio  of every dialogue so you don’t miss a word (Cubans speak fast!)

VOCABULary FLash Cards

Review and learn Cuban Spanish phrases with flashcards (with audio!)

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Customer Reviews

“Great program to understand real world Spanish.”

I’m very happy with the results I have achieved with this Cuban Spanish 101 course. I was looking for a program to help me practice my Cuban Spanish orally, and I did, in fact, increase my Cuban vocabulary exponentially. Personally, I also found it helpful that I could access the course material from anywhere. I’ve practiced the language exercises from home, the office, and even from my tablet in the back of a cab.  

I’m so happy I came across this course!


Overall, what truly helped me improve my listening comprehension there most were the dialogues. There’s so many of them in this course that are practical, real-life scenarios. I’ve had issues in the past with other Spanish courses that never really gave me actual experience listening to real native speakers. Work-wise, it’s important for me to be more relatable to employees on-site (in Cuba), and this course helped me with that. 

Muchas gracias!”

– Lindsay Pereira